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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Raffle Drawings

My new Business Name is, "Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A". It has a new website, also at:...


I started a business on April 05TH, 2011. My E.I.N. is 45-1473168. I am a Self Employed/Home Based Business. I am licensed under Article 20 of the Miami County Kansas Planning and Development Office in Miami County Kansas. See here for that information. Scroll down to the Article 20 page. I will pay an average of 1/3 in business income taxes each quarter to the I.R.S.. Read up on what an E.I.N. is here . I am listed as being a, "Marketing Opinionist", business.

Here is one of my companies offerings.

"Free Raffle Drawings".

Form Descriptions.

Form 1. This form is to be filled out and copied as a display for the participants to see when they enter the, "Free Raffle Drawing".

Form 2. This form is for the business that purchases the "Free Raffle Drawing" package.

Form 3. This form is the receipt for the winner.

Form 4. This form is the receipt for the business conducting the "Free Raffle Drawing".

Form 5. This form is for the State Employees or Law Enforcement Officers who participate but don't want to disclose their personal Home Address, for security reasons.

Form 6. This form is a receipt for my records, Herbert West 3rd, that the named business has purchased my, "Free Raffle", package.

Form 7. This form is a receipt for the business who purchased my "Free Raffle" package.

Form 8. This form is the window or store display sheet showing that a "Free Raffle" is currently going on at the posted business.

Form 8. Shows the tax difference examples for the business who purchases the "Free Raffle" package.


We, 1. __________________________________________________________________ at

2. ___________________________________________________________________________
do here by offer this, "Free Raffle". The following rules will apply.

3. You must be at least _____________ years of age.

4. You must have proof of ID.

5. You will fill out a 3 x 5 card that is provided by the above business and you will include, your Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address and Birth Date on the 3 x 5 card at the businesses discretion.

6. The 3 x 5 card will be dropped into the bucket/box furnished by the above business.

7. The above business has the right to refuse any and all participants as it is a "Free Raffle".

8. The "Free Raffle" is scheduled to start on

Month: ______ Day: _____ Year: _________ Time: __________

and stop on,

Month: ______ Day: _____ Year: _________ Time: __________

9. The scheduled prize amount is, $_______.___ which is to be paid in the form of _______________________________________.

10. The winners ID must match the information on the 3 x 5 card to be eligible to be declared the winner and receive the prize as the rules apply. The above business reserves the right to cancel the "Free Raffle" at any time.

Why do a "Free Raffle"? Form 2.

1. Figure in your head how much you pay in business income tax a year. Figure the State and Federal Income Tax you pay each year.

2. Now look at how much you can deduct from you taxes if you give away a set amount of "Free Raffle" prizes each week. Example, if you give away $25.00 a week, every week, times 52 weeks, is that number or amount worth the tax deduction as a business expense to keep your customers happy locally? Will you benefit locally from giving away prizes or will you benefit more by paying it out in taxes?

3. On line 1, you will put your business name.

4. On line 2, you will put your business address.

5. On line 8, you will write down the Month, Day, Year and Time the "Free Raffle" starts and stops. You should declare when you are drawing the winner and how many alternates will be drawn.

6. On line 9, you will declare the amount of the prize or its value if it is a product and you will state, how this prize is paid out. Cash, Check, item etc:..

7. You control this "Free Raffle" and you don't have to be bothered with any outside forces.

8. As a matter of Federal and State Law, you cannot charge for the "Free Raffle". You must allow people to play for free.

9. As a business you can refuse participation in the "Free Raffle" as it is not your main business. You don not have to allow anyone who is barred from your business access to this "Free Raffle".

10. The maximum prize per single drawing that is allowed and is not taxable is $599.00 per the I.R.S. Tax Code Laws. I would use a $500.00 cut off just to play it safe.

11. I, Herbert West 3rd, do acknowledge that when you pay me for the "Free Raffle" package, I am barred from participation at your place of business.

12. You should maintain a single drawing winner log sheet. It should contain all the information that you collected on the 3 x 5 "Free Raffle Ticket Cards" as well as the time frame of each drawing.

13. I also suggest you give a copy of the "Free Raffle Rules" to your local Police Department or City Hall. A photo copy would be fine. I also suggest that you place a photo copy of this out for participant display instead of the original that you fill out. This keeps the original form, {Form #One}, safe.

14. As to line 3. You can allow any age you wish to participate as it is a "Free Raffle". Not all ages have Id's. You can allow them to participate and have their parent sign with them and use their parents ID. Again, their parent should be present to do this. And, their parent should collect the prize if the child wins. The nature of your business also will govern the age requirement to participate.

15. On line 4. You can allow State Hospital Employees and Law Enforcement Officers to use their Hospital or Law Enforcement Department ID and use those addresses. I suggest giving those winnings to that listed Hospital or Law Enforcement Department and let them distribute those prize's to those alleged winners.

"Free Raffle Drawing Winner" Form 3.

Name of business offering this "Free Raffle":__________________________________
Address of business offering this "Free Raffle":_______________________________

Winner of this single drawing:...

Week of, Date:_____/______/_______ through Date: ______/_______/________
Winner Name:___________________________________________________________________
Amount paid:$______.____
Phone number ______/______/_______ Social Security Number:_____/____/______
Birth Date:_____/______/_______ E-mail: __________ @ ___________________
Date prize collected:______/______/________

Place photo ID here and copy this form before either party signs it, if applicable.

Signature of winner:______________________________________________________
Signature of above business designate:____________________________________
Title of above business signature designate:______________________________
Date that this form was signed:____/______/______

"Receipt Copy For Winner"

"Free Raffle Drawing Winner" Form 4.

Name of business offering this "Free Raffle":_____________________________
Address of business offering this "Free Raffle":__________________________

Winner of this single drawing:..

Week of, Date: _____/____/______ through Date:______/______/_______
Winner Name:______________________________________________________________
Amount paid:$______._____
Phone #: _____/______/_________ Social Security Number#. _______/_______/________
Birth Date:______/______/______ E-mail: _________________ @ ____________________
Date prize collected: _____/_______/_______
Place photo ID here and copy this form before either party signs it.

Signature of winner:___________________________________________________________
Signature of above business designate:_________________________________________
Title of business signature designate:_________________________________________
Date that this form was signed: _____/_____/________

Receipt Copy for Business".

"Free Raffle Drawing Winner" Form 5.

Name of business offering this "Free Raffle":___________________________________
Address of business offering this "Free Raffle":________________________________

Winner of this single drawing:..

Week of, Date:_____/_____/______ through Date:_____/______/_______
L.E.O./State Hospital Employee Winner Name:_____________________________________
Employer/Office Address:________________________________________________________
Amount paid: $________._____
Hospital/L.E.O. Office Phone#. _______/_______/_______
Date prize delivered as addressed above:_____/______/________
Receiving party at State Hospital/L.E.O. Office Signature:_______________________

Signature of above business designate:__________________________________________
Title of above business signature designate:____________________________________
Date that this form was signed:______/_______/________

"Receipt Copy For State Hospital Employee or L.E.O. Law Enforcement Officer Winner".

"Free Raffle Concept Receipt" Form 6.


Have paid, Herbert West 3rd, 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071 the amount of $______.00 for the, "Free Raffle Concept Package", for "Life Time Use", as delivered/offered to us by Herbert West 3rd. Example, there are 4 business quarters in each fiscal year. Quarter, One, Two, Three etc:.. of fiscal year 2011, 2012 etc:.. We further acknowledge he is a "Self Employed/Home Based Business", and he assumes full responsibility for his taxes on the amount we paid him. He, Herbert West 3rd, further acknowledges that we, the business above, will declare the $_____.00 payment as a business expense on our Federal Income Taxes. We, the above business assume zero responsibility for, Herbert West 3Rd's actions ore business functions.

This transaction of payment was done this, Day:______ Month: _______ Year: _______
Designate for, Business, as above. Name/Title:_____________________________________
Designate for, Business Signature:_________________________________________________
Designate for, Herbert West 3rd, Name/Title;______________________________________
Designate for, Herbert West 3rd, Signature:_______________________________________

Herbert West 3rd
21817 W. 351st,
Paola Kansas, 66071
I.R.S. E.I.N.# 45-1473168 {Employer Identification Number}.

"Herbert West 3rd, Receipt Copy".

"Free Raffle Concept Receipt" Form 7.


Have paid, Herbert West 3rd, 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071 $____.00 for the "Free Raffle Concept Package", for the "Life Time Use", as delivered/offered to us by Herbert West 3rd. Example, there are 4 business quarters in each fiscal year. Quarter One, Two, Three, etc:.. of each fiscal year, 2011, 2012 etc:.. We further acknowledge he is a "Self Employed/Home Based Business", and he assumes full responsibility for his taxes on the amount we paid him. He, Herbert West 3rd, acknowledges that we, the above business, will declare the $1___.00 payment as a business expense on our Federal Income taxes. We, the above business assume zero responsibility for, Herbert West 3rd, actions or business functions.

This transaction of payment was done this, Day:_____ Month:_______ Year:___________
Designate for Business, as above. Name/Title:______________________________________
Designate for Business Signature;__________________________________________________
Designate for, Herbert West 3rd, Name/Title:_______________________________________
Designate for, Herbert West 3rd. Signature:________________________________________

Herbert West 3rd
21817 W. 351st,
Paola Kansas 66071.
I.R.S. E.I.N.# 45-1473168 {Employer Identification Number}.

"Business Receipt Copy"

Form 8.





Second Form 8.

This form shows some examples on how a business can use some of their income tax payment to purchase my "Free Raffle Concept Package". It will further show where the prize money came from.

1. Lets say you are to pay 1/3 of your profits to the Federal Government in taxes. If you profit $100,000.00 then you will pay in $33,000.00 in taxes average. If you give away $25.00 a week for 52 weeks that is a business expense of $1,300.00. This is listed under marketing and Advertisement Expenses on your tax returns. You now only pay an average of $28,700.00 in income taxes. You give your customers $1,300.00 and it costs you nothing. You can give up to your allowed Advertisement/Marketing expense level. I feel your business will better profit and benefit locally with your income here than it will in State and Federal payments. You can give away up to $10,000.00 in theory to your customers. As long as each single drawing doesn't exceed the $599.00 allowed amount.

2. You can pay me for the "Free Raffle package" and deduct this amount from your taxes as well. It is a justified business expense. I do have a E.I.N. Employer Identification Number, filed with the I.R.S. I received it from the I.R.S.. I am filed as a Self Employed/Home Based Business. My E.I.N. is 45-1473168. i am listed as a "Marketing Opinionist". My Physical Address is 21817 W. 351 St, Paola Kansas, 66071. My e-mail is west.herb@yahoo.com Remember, you don't have a Marketing Company Business License. You have a business license for your type of business. A Pharmacy doesn't make their own Drugs. A restaurant doesn't raise cattle in their lobby. A Toy Store doesn't make all their own toys. All company's buy from each other.

"Free Raffle Supplement".

As you are aware, most businesses do not allow their employee's to participate in any raffles or drawings at their work place. This seems to be the norm. A way to go around this is to hold a separate drawing for employee's only.

1. Place one Raffle Ticket per employee in a separate employee box. Draw one winner a week from this box. The employee must follow your rules to be eligible to be in that weeks drawing. It works like a employee of the week program. You can deduct the amount given from your business taxes as an expense. The amount allowed per business quarter will vary from quarter to quarter and business to business. Again, I am not sure if the employee must declare the drawing winning as a income. It should fall under the prize category in the business/tax world.

Another View On Prize Amounts.

If a news paper ad is $100.00 a week. You place an ad in the paper 52 weeks. That is $5,200.00 a year in business expenses. If you place a larger ad in the same paper it can run up to around $500.00 a week. That is $26,000.00 a year. I suggest you give away $25.00 a week in the "Free Raffle Drawing" as I have shown. Why? Take and break down the $25.00. You give $25.00 to the tax man. It is gone. You give $25.00 in a drawing to participants. They decide to spend the $25.00 in your business when they win. Then look at your "Profit Index". What is that? Look at how much you make for each $25.00 gross sale at your business. A customer walks in and they leave with a receipt that shows they spent $25.00. Think about how much you made on that $25.00 after all your business expenses. Let us use an average 50%. You have an average expense of $12.50 to provide a $25.00 gross sale. You would then pay 1/3 taxes on the $12.50 profit. You will pay $4.12 in taxes on that $12.50 profit. Where as before you was paying $25.00 in taxes. Out of the $12.50 left over after taxes, you make, $8.25. You pay out $25.00 in taxes or you pocket $8.25. Take this times 52 weeks. $8.25 times 52 weeks is, $429.00 in your pocket and you have Marketed your business and received new customers. You pay the $25.00 a week times 53 weeks to the tax man. $25.00 times 52 weeks is, $1,300.00. You also did not pick up any new customers. Give away $50.00 a week. Give away $100.00 a week. $50.00 a week is $858.00 to you. $100.00 is $1,716.00 to you. If you just pay the $50.00 or $100.00 a week to the tax man you pay, $2,600.00 and $5,200.00 in taxes without any new customers. You also don't give your employee's any weekly drawing money.

Thanks again,
Herbert West 3rd
Marketing Opinionist
21817 W. 351St, Paola Kansas 66071
I.R.S. E.I.N.# 45-1473168. {Employer Identification Number}.

I will be using my funds after taxes, to do Fundraising for the VA, Social Security, SRS etc:.. I am tired of these fake Fundraisers for people who are not sick.

Lets look at these "Fundraisers" that we all see. Jane Doe needs money for "Stage Four Cancer". What is the normal route for people to take when they find out they are dying or have a severe disease? Most people find out they have a severe disease from a Doctor. Then their Doctor sets up an appointment with Social Security and the States Office. In Kansas it is S.R.S.. Then they look at your Diagnosis and evaluate if you will be sick and cannot continue to work for at least one year. Then, you go under their services. After the one year they reevaluate you and you are usually approved for Disability and they then back pay for that years Medical Bills and Med's. If you do a fundraiser during this year, you hinder your eligibility for benefits. I feel that doing fundraisers into the General Funds of the VA, Social Security, S.R.S. etc:.. is safer and better in the long run. I plan on paying my taxes on my Marketing Company. Then rolling the money over into a Not For Profit and running it doing fundraisers for the VA, Social Security, S.R.S., School Districts, Fire Departments, MDA Jerry's Kids and other legitimate Organizations and Government Offices. I will secure their permission of course. I am also very displeased that the VFW merged services with the United Way and then started financing Fred Phelps to piss people off so they would give more to the VFW and to the United Way. I find that sad and sick. Also see, "Tab Tournaments". And look at the updated dated, April 26TH,
2010. I am hoping businesses see that they can profit from my "Free Raffle Package" and that I will do good things with the money after taxes. I am losing my disability over starting this company. It will take about a year after I make to much money. Yea, I am sacraficing my disability I have been on since 1998 to help others and to stop corruption. Please forward this Free Raffle post to any and all businesses. Lets help each other.

**Update** May 4TH, 2011**

Lets also consider.

1. You collect/offer "Free Raffle Tickets", Monday through Friday and do the drawings on Saturdays. You can sell stuff on Saturday and you are not charging for, "Free Raffle Tickets", because you don't offer them on Saturday's. You can sell Hotdogs, Soda, etc:.. You are regulated on outside signs by your City and County. That is not your fault. You will still get new customers and new foot traffic. I did get a "Poor Man's Copyright" on this package. The I.R.S. acknowledges this package and granted me an E.I.N.#. I will be updating this offering and anyone who pays for it, will receive the updates for free. I feel it is no more than fair to charge for this package. If businesses could have done this all along, they already would have. I am finding that some businesses are trying to use this package and are refusing to pay for it. That is illegal and I will be contacting the I.R.S. and asking them to review those businesses licenses for removal or penaltys.

Again, I get the cold shoulder. MDA acts as if they don't need any funds for Jerry's Kids. That is sad. My Copyright is for 28 years. I have alos found a few businesses here in Miami County are trying to use the Copywritten Package without my permission. I will be listing them soon. These are the businesses I contacted and the ones who made me wait for about three weeks to tell me they are not interested. Yet the kicker is, they are trying to go around me and steal my package. They don't care about the end result where School Districts, Fire Departments, SRS, Social Security, and the VA as well as the other 49 States, Food Stamp program would benefit. They are trying to continue laundering money through false Not For Profits and they are bribing the Sheriff here in Miami County. They put him on about 20 Not For Profit Committes/Boards and launder him funds. Yea, they are bribing him and running illegal Raffles here. They force a sale price on Raffle Tickets. That is a Felony in Kansas.

Here are some of them,

1. Auten Pharmacy, Osawatomie Kansas. 2. Moon's IGA, Osawatomie Kansas. 3. Mane One Hair Salon, Paola Kansas. 4. Lang Chevrolet, Paola Kansas. 5. The UPS Store 6042 in Paola Kansas. etc:.. I ask that customers shop elsewhere. I ask that the people of Miami County and surrounding consider helping themselves, by helping me.

Also consider, my business can do business in all 50 States. There are 4.3 million small businesses in America. Read here >> and here.

I further want you to consider looking at this. I asked the four banks in Miami County to contact their Business Account Customers and tell them I exsist. They refused. They said, "They cannot release that informetion". Release what?? I did not ask for the Business Account Customers list, I asked them to contact their customers and give the businesses the opportunity or option to contact me themselves. I don't see any harm in that.

I further am making the following offer to groups etc:..

1. If your group approaches a business and shows them my company and its offerings. That business contacts with me and buys my Copy-written package for their businesses use, I will give 10% to your group. Your group must be a For Profit or a Not For Group, Organization etc:.. Yea, a Church, U.S.D., Fire Department, Rotary Club, etc:.. I will recieve the $_____.00 per business, per business quarter. I will deduct the $10.00 as follows. I will deposiet the entire $____.00 in my bank account. I will then divide the funds into to accounts. One will have 49% of the funds for paying my E.I.N. Tax to the I.R.S. evey quarter per the I.R.S. rules. The 51% is available for me to touch as the taxes are covered in the 49% account. I will then release the $10.00 from the 51% account to the mentioned organization/group who was named by the business who bought my Copy-written package. If a bank notifies their depositors, I will give the bank 10% when the business buys my Copy-written package. If the bank who tells their depositors is not the bank I use, they will get 49% because my bank will get 51%. Why, my bank will contact the other banks and they then will be eligible for the 10%. Yet the other banks won't do this service for free. After this is up and running, I will keep an average of $120,000.00 a year after taxes for a pay check. And I will keep $6,000.00 a year for Health Insurance. I am required to fill out a IRS Form 1040 and an IRS Form 1040 ES. I am also required to fill out a IRS Form 1040 Schedule C. I am not declaring any expenses and taking any wild tax deductions. Then, this fund will do fundraisers and it will offer assistance to Not For Profit Groups and Organizations. These funds will be given, "NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE". I already paid my taxes. Everybody benefits!

I have found, by contacting some "Not For Profits" that they think they can just use my Copy-written package and not pay for it. MDA is a prime example. Jim Brown, with MDAUSA.org is a prime example. That is sad that people use the diseases of others to turn a profit and hide under a Not For Profit license.

Currently, alot of the "Not For Profits", pocket 1/3 of the funds they raise. And they do parties and vacation and call it Fundraising. Yea, they steal money and lie!!! Read/visit this link, HERE. It shows how to evaluate Charity's.

Read this link,


I have established a meeting date to set up a DBA Account . Read about DBA Information , here and this will be done around June 3RD, 2011. My business is a form of a "Sole Proprietorship" .

Again, I have had banks in Miami County Kansas cover for illegal fundraising businessses. They refused me a DBA Account. They want the illegal fundraising to continue and they want those stolen funds to be deposieted into their banks. Those banks are, First Option Bank , ask for Jennie, First Security Bank, ask for Lois Rausch, Great Southern Bank , got a voice mail, Landmark Bank , ask for Susan Ratliff. Then the Brotherhood Bank and Trust gave me the run around. Ask for Sarah Foland, Shawn Dickerson, Millie, or Scott at 1-913-288-3203, 1-913-288-3163 or 1-913-288-5400.

At 4.3 million businesses in America at $100.00 each that is $430,000,000.00 a quarter to my company. That is $86,000,000.00 a quarter to the 50 States times 4 quarters. That is $344,000,000.00 a year into their State General Funds collectively. Again, I will be keeping $126,000.00 a year after taxes and offering the rest primarily to other organizations who help people properly. Also look at the $1,300 a year per business giving away that amount a year to participants in the 50 States. 1,300 times 4.3 million is, $FIVE BILLION FIVE HUNDRED NINETY MILLION.OO. Given away, tax free!!!! Oh yea, there are over 22 million licensed businesses in America. That is one hell of a stimulus. Plus, you can be confident that the "Free Raffle" is legal because it is registered with the I.R.S.. I would get $344,000,000.00 a year and pay taxes on it. I would pay $168,560,000.00 in taxes a year. Then I would have $175,440,000.00. Then deduct $126,000.00 a year. That leaves, $175,314,000.00 a year for the organizations who properly help people. The interest is $17,531,400.00 a year at 10% interest. I am a business in Kansas. I pay withholdings on a I.R.S. Form 1040, I.R.S. 1040 ES and I do a Schedule C 1040. The $FIVE BILLION FIVE HUNDRED MILLION.OO given away to participants will generate sales tax when they spend their winnings!! We cannot loose!!!

Why do we give to Not For Profits? I have witnessed a huge trend with businesses giving to "Not For Profits" and I am surprised that they don't pay their taxes.
1. Read this article, and
2. this one. The more businesses pay into "Not For Profits" instead of taxes or into the benefit of the population, the more we, the population has to pay in taxes to make up the loss.
3. Look at their strategy plans.
4. Lets further review some stats.
5. And read this.

**I plan on calling my company, "Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA". Again, I have a "Poor-mans Copyright on this concept".

My EIN is 45-1473168. Also see http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5154 .

"Free Raffle Drawing Package" (C) Herbert West 3rd

**July 27/2013.**

The above offer has been amended and is not available as previously offered. See me at west.herb@yahoo.com for the amended offer.

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