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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Version of a Slot Machine Tournament.

Check out this link. http://slotstournamentguide.com/how-do-slot-tournaments.html. That is their opinion or version. Here is mine.

1. People sign up and pay the same buy in. Example, $100.00 each. If 10 people sign up and pay $100.00 each then the prize is $1,000.00 to the winner. How is the winner determined? It is figured out on how they play.

2. They all decide to play .05 cent or .10 cent or .25 cent, etc:.. Slots. Then they all go around as a group through out the entire Casino. Each Tournament Player gets a set number of pulls on Slot Machines. Example, each Player gets to pull the Slot Arm 10 times. They have agreed upon how many lines they are playing each pull. After each pull, their points are counted. They can either stay on that Slot Machine or travel to another Slot Machine with the group. They either take turns doing all 10 pulls or they each go once and wait until their turn for their second and third pulls etc:.. The kicker. As they hit and get points or wins on these Slot Machines. The house collects those winnings and keeps them as a House Income. The Slot Tournament Participants cannot keep those point wins as Coins, Tokens. After all players have pulled their 10 pulls their points are added up and the player with the most points wins the $1,000.00 on a 10 person $100.00 buy in. The House collects any of the Coins or Tokens that were won during the Tournament Play/Session and declares them as a House Income. The extra kicker? Where did these Coins or Tokens come from? Other Casino Customers!!! The Slot Machines are open 24 hours a day or open during Session Hours at the Casino. The Tournament Group travels around to available Slot Machines that are the agreed upon Machine Amount. .05, .10, .25 etc:.. The Group cannot remove a Casino Customer from a Slot Machine. They can only travel around and find Slot Machines not being played. The Group and its Players decide which Machine they use per pull.

3. To summarize, 10 players paid $100.00 cash each to the Casino. They decide on a Slot Machine Amount. Lets say, Nickel Slots, {.25}. Then they travel around in a Group and take turns deciding which Machine they each want for each pull and they each pull their pulls. Play One chooses Machine Number 1004. They Agreed on a 3 Line, 10 Pull, .25, Tournament. Then the Second and remaining Players decide which Machine they want and they take turns doing their first pull. Their points are added up as the go around and make their pulls. The House collects any Coins or Tokens that are won/dropped and declares them as, "A House Income". Imagine using Nickel Slots. .15 Cents a pull times, 10 pulls is, $1.50. Yea One Dollar and Fifty Cents. Is what you spend to have a, "ONE IN TEN", chance at $1,000.00!!! If 10 people do 10 pulls throughout the Casino, the House has 100 chances at collecting the winnings from those 100 pulls. They won't loose any of those Coins or Tokens to any of the Casino Customers that the Tournament Group chose to use.

4. I am e-mailing this to the F.B.I. and the I.R.S. which will facilitate a "Poor Mans Copyright".

Slot Tournament Concept/Version (C) Herbert West 3rd , I.R.S., E.I.N.# 45-1473168.

*Update* *May 6TH, 2011*

I am looking at asking for $100.00 per Casino address, per business quarter for this concept/version. That seems more than fair to me.


I have started a new website and named my business. It is, "Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A." .

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